Audi Affinity Program (6% off MSRP) - Most dealers not accepting it

Recently, due to inventory issues, a lot of dealers are not participating in the Affinity Program with the 6% MSRP discount.

I contacted 10-15 dealers in the last 10 days and none accepted it.

Anyone had success lately?

It would be great if people posts the name of the dealership so other can benefit from it.

Sorry to hear it, but not entirely surprised. What we’ve been telling people from the main office is to please be patient with Audi dealers right now. Their inventories are so low that I don’t find it particularly surprising that they don’t want to deep discount what cars they may still have. They’ve got to eat too. Looking forward to inventory coming back to full capacity again and curious if any others know of dealers that are allowing it for now. My guess is few as it is a voluntary program for them and business is so stressed right now.