B8/8.5 S4 or allroad?

I’m looking for a new-to-me vehicle for @$20k and I really can’t decide between an S4 or an allroad…I know, weird choice

Pros? Cons?

The S4 would be a DSG as my wife will be driving it also (she can drive a stick but prefers not to). We already have a VW Golf SportWagen TDI but I’ve always liked the allroad.

S4s for @ $20k are either beat or have a ton of miles on them.

allroads (looking for a Prestige) for under $20k and with @50k miles are plentiful

What say you?

B7 RS 4 because depreciation is not your friend and neither of your current choices are at or near their bottom yet. Tell Pam to drive a stick as she does currently already.

Think that guy will go any lower since there’s no demand for cars right now :grin:?

You never know. Money talks.