Back to a C5 after several years absent - RS6

Back in the day, Mrs 4D4 and I had a pair of C5s - 2000 avant (me), and 1999 Sedan (her). Both 2.8. The wagon wasn’t around long, but the sedan was with us from 99k to 315k before she moved to a C6. Great car.

Recently I had a chance to buy this RS6 before it was traded in. 157k miles, but dealer maintained with receipts. Timing belt is due in 10k miles. I fixed the EGT sensors and the oil leak at the cam plug of bank 2, plus fixed some minor interior items (climate control, etc). Now I just need DMV to reopen so I register it.

Any pearls of wisdom from other owners?

Have not owned one. I spent a week in a press car when they were new and it was a monster. Congrats on the new acquisition.