Carolinas member intros


John Gonter here just starting out the Carolinas forum. If you are a Carolinas member please introduce yourself and post your ride.

We are from Charlotte area and currently have 3.
2004 S4 Avant
2011 S4
2015 Q7 TDI


Dale Whitney here. Thanks John for being the first to introduce yourself.
I live in the mountains between Greenville, SC and Hendersonville, NC. I’ve have owned 9 Audis and been an Audi Club member since it was Quattro Club. Currently I have three.
1983 Ur Quattro
2000 B5 S4
2013 RS5

A couple others I’ve owned


Hey, Jamie Overcash here from Charlotte.

Currently I own these 2 wagons:

2008 A4 Avant S-Line

2016 Allroad P+ with Sport Package

The wifey has a 2012 GLI too so shes in the VW family as well.


John and Rhonda Page from Dunn, NC. We live in the Triangle Region of NC. We have 2003 TT Roadster, 2016 A5 Cabriolet and a 2018 Q3.


Hello, and Happy Quarantine month! My name is Paul, and I recently found a unicorn, a 2013 Misano Red Pearl TTRS with only 12,500 miles on it! LOVING it! I also have a 2014 MKVI Jetta GLI MT that is full APR Stage 2 with an assortment of additional goodies on it. My wife, Ronnie, and I live in the Greenville area, and have already participated in a Carolina Club drive up the Devil’s Whip a couple of weeks ago, and loved meeting everyone! We look forward to more drives. And if anyone is available to do weekday drives, I’m likely free, so give me a shout.


Hi Jessica and Jamie Ewing here. We live in Lincolnton NC, I’ve been around since our chapter started and have driven Audi’s since the early 2000s prior to that a VW fan through and through. We currently have 3 that we happily drive and tune,
2004 S4 Nogaro on Nogaro, 2016 S3 Sepang and my daily is a 2017 A4 P+ Glacier White with first edition package. Jamie is an avid golfer when weather is worthy and is new to the Audi family but he is jumping in full force, thanks to my influence and our chapter.


I feel special, she introduced me this time :joy:


Thanks for early adopting guys. Welcome to the platform.


Terry Cox here in Charlotte. 68 years old and just bought my first Audi, a 2020 Q3. Loving it so far but have put less than 100 miles on itimage


Hey everybody I’m Stephen and have been an avid Audi fan for a while. I love taking them out on the track and making them fast. Here are the ones through the years.

First one was a 2001 Audi S4 APR Stage 3 (ex Gumball car). Got my instructor license in this one in 2006.

Next was a 2001 Audi S3 to go racing In 2009-2011.

image image

After that picked up an Audi A5 for a daily that ended up on the track…of course.

Had an 2008 Audi A4 Stage 3 that would run with 996 GT3’s at VIR. Had a lot of conversations after each session about how a 4Cyl/4DR getting 35mph to and from the track could keep up.

Not mine but a 650hp 2013 TT-RS that I’ve worked on since day one and ran it at the Ultimate Track Car Challenge. Showed a lot more people how fast an Audi could be.

My beloved 2009 S5. V8 manual with APR Supercharger. We developed rollbar and raceseat brackets. LOVED this car and miss it dearly.


Carol Monnot

We are Pat and Carol Monnot and it is safe to say we are long time Audi owners. We bought our first Audi in 1986 and fell in love with the brand even back then. It was a beautiful RED 1986 5000 Turbo CSQ. Our next purchase was a 1994 Ur S4. Then came our 2003 RS6 and along with a couple of Q5’s for our daily haulers.
Carol is a lifetime member of the Audi Club of North America. We have been living in the Powdersville, SC area since 1996 and love that we can attend many auto races within a day’s drive from us. It allows us to support the Audi racing teams and enjoy the company of many other fellow Audi owners who share the same passion as us.
We also enjoy exploring great mountain roads with our fellow Audi Club members on regular club drives. There are so many roads in this area and the question is always, which ones to choose? I am still wondering how I can fit into a PB 18?? What a trip that would be in the Appalachians.


Wow, guys- this thread is like a parade of really nice looking cars!

Carolinas are bringing it!

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New member here in Huntersville, NC driving a 2016 S7.