Cold Weather Affecting Window Frame Clearance Function

During a recent cold snap (5 degrees F; -15C) the windows on my B9 A5 Coupe (18), which drop about 1/4" when opening to clear the frame, had issues. The passenger side did not drop on opening, so when the door was closed it caught on the frame. On the driver side, while the door was open, the actuator/control unit/module went up and down the 1/4" continuously until the door was closed. Anyone have this occur previously? It looks like there are issues with power windows generally, but I haven’t seen this particular issue.

I can not say I have heard of it with Audis but the use of the dropping window was a common item with other manufacturers. Ford issued several service updates related to the actuators not fully dropping the window when the handle was pulled. The VW eos is famous for issues related to the relays and the cold. Did the issue continue or was it only this one time?

It happened multiple times during the cold snap. One morning when I went outside one of the windows was down an inch. It wasn’t left that way. The dealership says they updated the software. We’ll see. It’s getting warmer so I might have to wait for next winter. At least it’ll still be under warranty…