Heater Very Slow to Generate Warm Air

Just purchased a 2018 A5 Coupe with 6-speed manual. The heat takes a long time to blow warm air. The A3 I had heated up very quickly as did an older Jetta I owned some years ago. There is much more room in the engine bay but I can’t imagine that is the cause. Does anyone have the same observation?

Having same problem w/2018 Q5. My car is now @ dealer who is consulting with AOA.

I got in a cold car (outside air about 32F), drove on roads for a few minutes, then on the interstate for 10 miles. Car still blowing cold. Only after 20 minutes, and 15 miles did it get warm. Like I wrote previously, my 15 1.8 Jetta and 18 A3 2.0 heated up much quicker.