Is This Thing On?

Just checking in as a new member to see whether anyone from the area is involved here. I’ve had a 2019 S5 Sportback in Quantum Grey for about three months now, and I had a 2018 A5 Sportback in Mythos Black for the prior three years. The new one is shown below.

Anyway, let me know who’s out there. Cheers from the near-western suburbs.

Thanks for posting. Sweet car. I have a 2019 twin to your car, though Navarra Blue… plus a few carbon pieces. How do you like it? We love ours, though I had to fix bends in two of the 20-inch wheels after a trip through Indiana and Ohio.

Thanks, and thanks for the reply! Sounds like you’ve got a beauty. That’s a lovely shade of blue. I bet that wasn’t cheap to straighten out your rims!

I love mine mechanically, though I’ve only put about 1600 miles on it since buying it in April. All in good time, I suppose. I like the color quite a bit, too, because I just don’t see many like it on the road. It’s interesting - in most light, it looks like a kind of flat, borderline matte, grey. Other times, I see some brown or green in it.

Hi there! As you might imagine there are quite a few of us in the Chicagoland area! Things have been a bit slow lately as we’ve hunkered down a bit this year, but hope you can join us for some great Audi events planned for next year.

I’m in the NW burbs myself. Congrats on the new car, it’s beautiful! Love the color!


Sounds good. Looking forward to meeting some of you!

Love Nano Grey. It looks great.

Repair/straightening was $200 a wheel… so cheaper than buying new wheels.

Cool. Mine is actually Quantum Grey, rather than Nardo. Hard for me to distinguish unless they’re next to each other!