Matte Titanium or Bright Silver for my S5 Sportback

I’ve been seeing more and more cars out of Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm with black optics and bright silver wheels… and the look is starting to wear off on me. My black optics S5 Sportback has the modern rotors in titanium and I’m thinking about refinishing them bright silver to mimic the look. The downside is that the wheels are in great shape and don’t need refinishing. Thoughts?

Here are two mockups I created. The matte titanium is basically my car. The bright silver is how it’d look if I do the refinishing.

I think, surprisingly, I’d vote for bright silver. That said, if you do refinish, make sure to ceramic coat the wheels to ease cleaning. Brake dust will make them look dirty quickly.

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Good call. I prefer the silver too, but you do raise a good point that the matte titanium is pretty amazing at not looking dirty.