Photoshopping my battle worn ur quattro as a Group 4 derelict build

So I have this ur quattro that I picked up a few years ago. The idea was to work with a few partners and try to build something replicable with Singer-like ambitions, but things change and the players have moved on to other things. The car remains, and I’ve been shifting from Singer intentions to Icon Derelict intentions, preserving the patina and building a badass sleeper underneath that sub-baked shell. To preserve the panels as-is, I’m thinking of going to something with more of a Group 4 rally spec like Audi ran in 1981. Here are a few mockups I’ve come up with. Basically, it’s my car’s patina laid overtop of Cameron Kendall’s Group 4 build that we shot for the magazine a while back.

Here’s one more shot. I kind of like the red nose element on the Audi Sport UK Group 4 Pirelli livery, so did one with that too.

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@george.achorn - 1985 ur-quattro, very nice! Will follow this build.

Our minds sure think alike with the front nose stripe, crazy, see video below. Patina has been earned, all good to keep in my mind, even better of an idea to sort out some vintage A2 spec graphic livery to help protect it too, great idea.

On my ex-1984 ur-quattro (the infamous VIN #919 and one of only 64 imported to the US), just short of installing real European spec front and rear bumpers, or any UK fiberglass set (which is always a major hassle to fit, paint blah, blah…), easiest solution is to remove the US spec bumpers and drill out the shocks, push these in all the way and re-install the bumpers for a better tucked in look.

Also, for my single headlight front grill I created… At the local u-pick junk yard in Colchester, VT (literally right next to John Buffum’s shop), I was able to buy a complete front grille from an old Audi 100LS, front grille from an early 1980s Audi 5000S turbo, some Audi Fox grille bits, spare 4000S bezels to cut up and combine these together with some back yard Vermont ingenuity — mostly time, paint and hot glue gun! All of this was factory Audi parts. Adding an aluminum gutter guard on top from Lowes or Home Depot did the trick to make it look A2 spec authentic. Of course it helped to have John’s ex-Audi factory ur-quattro real deal there to guide me. Then you need a big fat intercooler to fit behind =)

If you don’t have an A2 spec grille yet, hope this helps you build out for your ur-quattro, it can be done on the cheap.

Photo credit below Keith Anderson

Video of SCCA Rallycross in Vermont. Notice the silver livery nose stripe, and I ran a custom air box mod. Removed the aluminum base unit, cut the top off an Audi 4000S plastic version and only had the base rim with clips left, works great!

For this event, I found half way through the run to keep my left foot planted on the brake and engine spooled up to keep it on boost.

(sorry for the poor video quality, all I had back then was a small camcorder.)

I can email you the original art I designed for club, Bill Bremer’s registry, need one of these on the window.

That’s very cool. The grille is pretty damn convincing. I think Cameron went with Cool-Wheels’ version as it was made of carbon. Have been looking through suppliers. There’s a fair amount out there to support these cars (more than I expected at least) but it does require some searching.