Picked Up a Set of 15-inch 4x108 Ronals for my '84 4KSq

A friend in the Detroit metro area picked up these wheels for me. I’d been thinking of going 5-lug for better selection of OEM wheels like Fuchs 5-spokers from the 5000 Turbo and ur quattro, but now I’m not so sure. These are incredibly subtle and just big enough.

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@george.achorn - These rims are super cool, nice find for your '84! They are very rare as well, reminiscent look of the same ur-quattro offset but 4-lug. They bring me back to a similar set I had on my 1990 90 20v’er.

Picked my set up from a rallyist ex-Paris-Dakar racer in Northern Vermont. He scored them from what I remember him mentioning as “special U.S. Ski Team Audi 90 cars”. They were Ronal 7x15 4-lug with a nice offset, sure were a sweet touch better than the 14" basket weaves.

Here’s my old 1990 90 quattro 20ver with Ronals, S2 badge, front Audi 5000S winglets, and european rear corner tailights direct from Germany. Wish I still had the 20’ver, the 7A engine revved to no end and would have been perfect swap in my older lighter 4000S quattro. I had this Audi 90 right after we moved from NorCal to Vermont in 1996.

The deep dish look fantastic on that B3. I like the slightly platinum/gold finish that are on them. They seem to be on mine too, just slightly more gold in them than the Zermatt silver of my car.

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