Water pump class action suit settlement

I just got my notice on a Mk 3 TT water pump class action settlement. It also applies to other 2L engine Audis. I follow 4 different TT forums and have seen no evidence on any of them of any water pump failures posted in recent years, so I wonder if this is a real problem for TTs? The good news is that the water pump will be repaired for free on most 2015-2020 2L engine TTs for up to 8 years and 80K miles. If you have already had it repaired, you will be reimbursed. If anything else in the engine is damaged because of the pump failure, that is also covered too but has limits. While the Mk 1 was notorious for destroying engines after a water pump failure because it usually sheared the timing belt too and destroyed the valve train/pistons, I’ve never seen anything posted on a TT forum about similar collateral damage for a timing chain engine water pump failure. Also, the notice says MY2015 which is a Mk 2 in the US but since all of the US 2015 Mk 2 TTs were manufactured at the end of CY 2013, and there were only a few hundred, I wonder if it really applies to any Mk 2? I plan to talk with my service manager soon.
Details on the settlement are here Home (waterpumpsettlement.com)

Hi, I received and have already applied for a reimbursement for the cost for a recent water pump replacement. My water pump on my MK3 luckily had not failed. It was only leaking. The repair cost for the replacement was not trivial.

Note there is a URL in the notice to a web site where you can check whether your VIN is subject to to the problem. MK2 owners would be able to check their VIN to see if the settlement would be applicable to their vehicle.